Exciting news from PurePowerlifting LLC!

Summer Slam

Stars and Stripes

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Exciting news from PurePowerlifting LLC! We're thrilled to announce that we'll be hosting three events between August and December 2024 right here in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

August 18th – Summer Slam – Location: ANZ Hotel Scranton, 300 Meadow Ave, Scranton, PA 18505

October 12th – Stars and Stripes – Location: ANZ Hotel Scranton, 300 Meadow Ave, Scranton, PA 18505

December 8th – Holiday Havoc – Location: ANZ Hotel Scranton, 300 Meadow Ave, Scranton, PA 18505


Here's what you can expect:


- Conveniently located at a hotel offering a special room rate of $85.

- No parking expenses.

- Enjoy the hotel's amenities including a pool and hot tub.

- Start your day right with a complimentary continental breakfast.


But that's not all! We pride ourselves on providing top-notch equipment and referees:


- Our competition rack will feature Eleiko equipment, including the rack, bar, weights, and weight trees.

- Our warm-up area will also boast Eleiko racks.

- Count on the highest standard of Powerlifting referees, including National and International-level officials.


No qualifying totals required, and each event is limited to 60 lifters.


Get ready to lift to your heart's content and join us for some thrilling competitions!


Who is PurePowerlifting

Family pic 2022

Quick bits: Who is PurePowerlifting   

Owner: Steve Mann (Age 47)
  • Competitive Edge
    • Competing since 1991
    • Lifted in over 70 events
    • Best Lifts Equipped: Squat 413 KG, Bench 320 KG, Deadlift 327.KG
    • Best Lifts Raw: Squat 307.5, Bench 215 KG, Deadlift 302.5 KG (Only 3 Raw Competitions Lifted)
    • Finished 7th place in the SHW at the 2022 World Games
    • IPF Master's Worlds Best Lifter 2022
  • Running the Show
    • Meet directing since 1999
    • Largest Event hosted 2015 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals
      • 1071 Lifters entered
      • Run 3 days, 4 platforms, 16 warm-ups
    • Run 3+ events a year
    • Currently running Powerlifting America events
    • Safesport certified
  • Let's talk about my life
    • Family
      • I am a divorced father of 4 children. We are a balanced family of 2 boys and 2 girls. My younger two children we fostered for several years before we adopted them and made them “official” Mann’s. I have shared custody.  And guess what, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, 3 of my 4 children also enjoy the sport of Powerlifting
    • Professional Life:
      • IT EDI Business Analyst for The Azek Company

You might know Steve, but not know.

  1. Steve was diagnosed with keratoconus disease in both eyes since 2004. What does that mean, well, he wears two contacts in each eye, yes 4 contacts!
  2. Steve is currently dating his 6th-grade sweetheart Denise, who is the mother of 3 children, yes you counted that right. That's 7 TEENAGERS between the two of them!


Powerlifting America & PurePowerlifting Q&A

Powerlifting America Horizontal

Who we are

Powerlifting America is the path to the International Powerlifting Federation, which includes the largest International Powerlifting Organization in the World. 

My name is Steve Mann, I have been meet directing since 1998. I am a lifter first and a meet director second. I love the sport and try to bring that to the events I run. I recently joined Powerlifting America as a director, as I believe in being the best, you need to compete against the best. I never feel winning money makes me better than others who out total me. 

I lifted in the IPF starting back in 1996, for me it's not a flashy LED that makes the sport awesome, it's going against the Russians, Ukraine's and all the top-level teams that compete at that level. Plus with traveling the World for Powerlifting, you make friends and connections that stay with you for life. 

Myth: Powerlifting America doesn't drug test.


Powerlifting America drug tests to WADA/USADA standards.

Under WADA testing, they select and run all the components of testing, believe me as a director and a judge, I am sure happy to not watch people I know pee into a cup anymore. :0)wada logo

To say Powerlifting America drug testing isn't valid, is to say all the drug testing done by the Olympics on their athletes isn't valid testing either.

Doping is a tricky topic that involves people trying to cheat the system, so there is always going to be the exceptions or people who claim to beat the test, but under current standards, I feel this approach gives us the best chance to keep the sport clean and the integrity of the testing consistent. 

Our Events


Our local events will be high level event. We offer Eleiko rack(s) and weights on our PurePowerlifting operated event platforms. This event we are taking 60 lifters. We will break them up over two sessions.

The Why

We find this to be friendlier to the lifter and the spectators, where we normally have just two, max three flights in a session, so you won't that the long gap between events. Standard we do 10 minutes break between last squat and first bench and then again after last bench and first deadlift. This is to help give the lifters the time needed to warm-up and gives our staff a quick break for natures business. 



One item that is a bit different, is the weigh-ins occur 2 hours before your session. So if you are lifting in first session, you will weigh-in between 7:00-8:30, when the event starts at 9 AM. Same goes for the afternoon session. If session is scheduled to start at 2 PM, weigh-in will begin at 12 and conclude at 1:30.

The Why

We do this to not create an unfair advantage for a lifter who can maybe get to the venue the night before and weigh-in early, versus a lifter who just can't make it until the day of the event. He's got a job, got a family, he wants to lift fairly against his competition and not have to lift against a guy who is 5+ pounds heavier because he weighed in the night before. Plus it's likely cost effective for a lifter to only have to get to the venue once, plus the necessity to getting a hotel the night before is removed, as you can literally weigh-in up until 8:30 the day of, so you can sleep in your own bed and not have to take two trips to a venue that might not be near your home.

Live Scoring and Livestream:

Our events are shown on liftingcast in a live scoring format, so everyone in the room or at home can track on how you are doing and when you are up next, while it's going on. So let's say you’re at the venue, you can step out a few minutes to grab something quick to eat, you will know exactly where the event is pacing. 

Our events are also livestreamed on YouTube, with integrated lights and scoring, so friends and family can track and watch your lifting performance. This is a free stream. 

Coach Perks

If you are a coach bringing lifters and you have five athletes entered in this event, you get free entry to the venue as their coach.

Music Perks

You will find we aren't afraid to get the music going, I have a few dead speakers that were claimed by loud music in deadlifts. Upon entry in our event you will add 3 songs you would like added to the event playlist, we aren't going to be able to DJ the event, but your track will be added to the playlist for the event. We will of course not be able to play something completely inappropriate for the public, so clean version would help.