Drug Testing History For Pennsylvania
Last Update: June 5th, 2003

PUREPOWERLIFTING.COM has been asked by the National Office to no longer publish the drug testing resume for USAPL Pennsylvania, due to it being a conflict with the USAPL by-laws/rules. I am currently pursuing getting this by-law/rule changed. This change will require a USAPL rep to champion this cause in July. So until this change is made this page can no longer be published.

For those who haven't seen this page, prior to it's removal. The page included a list of the lifters drug tested from USAPL Pennsylvania, since 1998. It was a full disclosure of the lifters and their finish in the event. For those who have wondered if someone in your class was clean or if they got tested EVER, this page gave verification for you that USAPL Pennsylvania was running things on the up and up. They weren't trying to protect their best lifters or anything. They tested all of the people that the USAPL claimed to test, 10%+. This page didn't even display who failed, since that is up to the USAPL National office is responsible for that. It was a full record of who was tested, the event and that lifters finishing.

If you believe in this, please contact your USAPL state representative about raising this as a motion at the NGB this July in South Dakota.


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