Mann Construction

This has been quite a year. While my wife Jenny and I were waiting in a hospital for 9.5 weeks for our son Jacob, we decided to go ahead a build our first home. In January, while my wife was on bed rest in Vasser Brothers Hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY, I traveled around and videod modular homes. We decided on a Cape that we liked and based on estimates from local contractors, I decided that the only way we could afford to get the house we wanted was that I would have to General Contract the job.

As a modular general contractor I had taken on huge responsibility, but it really paid off.

Phase 1 : Clearing the lot of trees - March 10th, 2004

Phase 2: Pouring Foundation

Phase 3: House Arrival Day - June 4th, 2004

Phase 4: House Setting and Assembly Stage 1 - June 7th, 2004
House Setting and Assembly Stage 2- June 7th, 2004

Phase 5: Day After Move-In - July 25th, 2004

Phase 6: