Current USAPL Push and Pull to Kenya Lifters

Name Sex Wt. Class Division Event(s) State Age
Nicole Simonis Female 105 S BP/DL NY 17
Ranata DeGennara Female 132 S BP/DL NY 14
Shanon Kara Female 132 S BP/DL NY 17
Ellen Stein Female 132 M2 DL NY 55
Jennifer Sulkoski Female 132 O BP/DL PA 31
James Kavarnos Male 148 M2 BP/DL NY 52
Stephen Christensen Male 148 RO DL PA 24
Chad Jones Male 148 RO BP/DL PA 32
Braidy James Male 165 RJ DL PA 15
Joe McAuliffe Male 198 RM BP NY 42
Toby Grzenda Male 198 RJ BP/DL PA 22
Brian Donnelly Male 220 M3 BP PA 66
Sabre Schnitzer Male 220 RO BP/DL NY 39
Evan Munsing Male 220 RJ BP/DL PA 20
Robert Costigan Male 242 HM BP PA 59
Josh Hundley Male 242 S BP.DL NY 19
Tom Favata Male 242 O BP/DL PA 36
Steve Mann Male 242 Guest BP/DL PA 32
Russ Smith Male 242 M1 BP/DL PA 49
Levi Perillo Male 275 S BP PA 18
Joe Zwick Male 275 RM BP PA 50
Lou Demarco Male 275 RO DL PA 25
Daniel Patrisso Male ? RO BP/DL PA 26
John Keiper Male ? RO DL PA 29
Joseph Cappellino Male 275+ J DL NY 20
Divisions Key: S = Sub-Junior 14-19, J = Junior 20-23,M1= Masters 40-49, M2 = Masters 50-59, M3 = Masters 60-69,
RO = Raw Open, RM = Raw Masters 40+, RJ = Raw Junior 20-23, HM = Handicaped Masters

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PurePowerlifting Updates

Entry Deadline Nears:
This is a reminder the entry deadline for USAPL Push and Pull to Kenya event is August 1st! We have limited space for this event, get your application in today!

State Record Certificates:
The PurePowerlifting State Record Certificate Store is back up! For lifter or family member interested in purchasing a custom State Record Certificate, to show off their or a loved ones lifting accomplishment, you can order on-line today.

High School and Collegiate Event News:
Updated Application for the January 31st and February 1st, 2009 Event.

This is going to be a High School and Collegiate event weekend only. The first event is the USA Powerlifting RAW High School / Collegiate Powerlifting Championships, this event is our first annual RAW championship and is expected to be highly contested by High School and Collegiate teams from around the country. The second event held on the same weekend is the USAPL North East US High School / Collegiate Regional Powerlifting Championships. This annual event was highly contested last year, by teams and lifters who lift in gear and who are preparing their team for the USAPL High School / Collegiate "Geared" Powerlifting Championships. There will be no qualifying total required for either of these events. The consolidated application can be found here.

Podcast #60 with World Record Holder Brian Siders

This is the final of 3 segments with IPF World Champion and World Record holder, Brian Siders.

Podcast #60 Windows Media Video
Podcast #60 MP3

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