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Ok being a Christian Powerlifter I think this is a great thing to think about as we go into this next few weeks.

Jim Brown Wins Gold In Bench Press at IPF Master's Worlds

Pennsylvania's Jim Brown with only four weeks notice, in a weight class that is 20 pounds above his normal, was able to exceed the Masters 40-44 year old 220 Pound Pennsylvania State Records in the Squat with a successful 655 pound lift, the Bench Press 485 pound lift and total with a 1703 pound Total. This event was hosted in Palm Springs, California by Lance Slaughter.

Congrats to Jim and the USA Team!

Full IPF World Masters Results Here

USAPL Iron Lion Open

Nominations for the Iron Lion Open!

Check out the Iron Lion Open at Penn State Main Campus on Saturday November 8th, 2008!
Entry Deadline: October 13th, 2008

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PurePowerlifting September 2008 Newsletter

Well it's been a while since we have consistently taped new podcasts. A lot has been going on for me and Jason Beck, so Podcasts have kind of fallen off at the waste side, as my priorities are a bit different. I plan to restart the Podcast at a more random basis. Our last Podcast was a live interview of Wade Hooper directly from the USAPL Men's Nationals. We might do this down the road if the technology allows us to talk with lifters from the lifting events. I love doing the PurePowerlifting Podcasts, so they will be back!

Listen to our first 60 Podcasts by going to ITunes! Events:

We had a busy 2008 and will continue to promote high quality events in Pennsylvania going forward!  If you haven't been to one of our events, come check it out. When and where possible we use the highest quality equipment and technology we can.  Many of our events have closed circuit video of the platform that is viewed by all the lfiters in the warm-up area. We also use barload projections and scoring, that is also shown to the lifters in the warm-up area. We have many plans to improve our technology, even beyond our current standard.

Live and Learn

We will continue to work on improving our events, as we feel it's important to enhance what we can do, along with learn from mistakes we have made. Last year, the first year of RAW division being offered at PA States, we did awards by formula accross weight classes. Well we planned and purchased our awards, based on the count. Based on a formula based trophies, a lot of lifters were very dissappointed. The competition was great, but RAW competitors had over 15 lifters going for 3 medals. This was really great to see, but very hard, since most lifters did not medal. So with that lesson learned the 2009 Pennsylvania State Championships will include RAW divisions for all weight classes and we will award to top 3 lifters in each class.

Upcoming Events:
Date Contest Title Contest Location Applications
Oct. 18-19th, 2008 2008 NE USA Regional Powerlifting and BP Championships King of Prussia, PA

Robert Keller
954.790.2249 Applications

Nov. 22nd, 2008 2008 USAPL Stars and Stripes BP Championships Clarks Summit, PA
Meet Director: Steve Mann
Stars and Stripes Event Web Site
January 31st, 2009 2009 USAPL NE Regional HS Powerlifting Championships Scranton, Pennsylvania
Meet Director: Steve Mann
NE Regionals "High School" Event Web Site
2009 USAPL High School RAW Powerlifting Championships
Meet Director: Steve Mann
High School RAW Event Web Site
Feb. 1st, 2009 2009 USAPL Collegiate RAW Powerlifting Championships Scranton, Pennsylvania
Meet Director: Steve Mann
Collegiate RAW Event Web Site
2009 USAPL NE Regional Collegiate Powerlifting Championships
Meet Director: Steve Mann
NE Regionals "Geared" Event Web Site
March 2009 2009 USAPL PA State Powerlifting Championships Scranton, Pennsylvania
Meet Director: Steve Mann
Event Web Site Coming Soon!

Upcoming PA Contests

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March 16th, 2019 - USAPL Pennsylvania Powerlifting Championships (Sanction PA-2019-03) - Philadelphia, PA - Register Now!

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