2021 USA Powerlifting Avenger Spring Fling - PA-2021-06

May 23rd event - Entry Opens March 8th
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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IPF Approved ER Racks For Sale - $2100 per rack (Pick-Up Only)

Black and Blue ER Rack
ER RackEr Bench

Pick-up Only - Located 18411

Now with laser-cut numbers on uprights, Heavier bench press portion to stay stable with heavier loads

Special features of the squat & bench press rack are:

·         The first IPF - approved rack of its kind
·         Easy to dismantle and transport
·         Easy to convert from one discipline to another
·         Quick and easy to adjust the height of the bar, by means of the tilting bar principal
·         Easy to place the bar correctly as it rests on the rollers

Special features of the squat rack:

·         Clear foot positioning by moving one step away from the rack (sumo-squat).

·         Clear positioning of the hands-on the bar. This is possible due to the fact that the bar holder can be changed quickly from wide to narrow

 Special features of the bench press:

·         The bench is fitted with a heavy-duty vinyl
·         The bench can be mounted onto the squat rack with ease and without the use of special tools
·         The bench has a fixed platform for use when lifting the bar
Includes bench press safety racks

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Red and Yellow Rackred and yellow side

Want to operate and host events

Please contact USA Powerlifting PA State Chair Steve Mann at steve @ Pure Powerlifting.com.