Live Video Stream at USA Powerlifting Men's Nationals

2013 USAPL Men's Nationals Live Video


This event starts June 21st, 2013 at 9 AM Central

First Responders Bench and Deadlift (Non Sanctioned Event)

1st Annual First Responders
Bench and Deadlift Team Showdown
1st Annual First Responders
Max Bench and Deadlift Showdown
First Reponders Front

Date: August 10th, 2013
Weigh ins: 7 AM, Lifting Begins at 9 AM
Location: Chinchilla Fire Hall “Outdoor” Pavilion

We are excited about hosting the First Responders showdown competitions. We invite all first responders to team up and get ready for a showdown against your peers. Check out our application for a full explanation of the events and the rules of performance. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions

Entry Deadline is July 18th, 2013

Our Next Event - August 10th, 2013

2013 USA Powerlifting
“Outdoor” Sizzling Summer

Bench And Deadlift Championships

August 10th, 2013
Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.

event front

USAPL Sizzling Summer
Bench & Deadlift Championships
August 10th, 2013 - Lifting Roster

Name Division Wt. Class BP DL Combined Iron Man State
Emily Dlugulinski Female Raw Youth 114 BP DL IM OH
Zachary Morgan Male Raw Youth Division 97 BP DL IM OH
Josh Novak Male Raw Youth Division 114 BP DL IM OH
Blake Panik Male Raw Youth Division 123 BP DL IM OH
Michael DeCarlo Male Open 132 BP DL   PA
Ryan Portanova Male Raw Open 132 BP     PA
Nick Koch Male Raw Sub Jr 14-15 148 BP DL   PA
Alex Koch Male Raw Sub Jr 14-15 148 BP DL   PA
Ryan Devine Male HS 148 BP     PA
Frank K. Stamboolian Jr. Male Raw Masters 3 165 BP DL   PA
Harold Tom Shellhammer Male Raw Masters 3 181 BP DL IM PA
Greg Eckard Male Masters 40-49 181 BP DL IM PA
Thomas Acker Male Junior 198   DL   PA
Thomas Acker Male Open 198   DL   PA
Howard Asch Male Raw Masters 2 198 BP DL  IM PA
Craig Barroll Male Raw Masters 2 198 BP     PA
David Morgan Male Raw Masters 3 198   DL   OH
Michael McDade Male Raw Open 198 BP DL   PA
Robert Lawless Male Open 220   DL   PA
Joe Zwick Male Raw Masters 2 242   DL   PA
Don Snyder Male Open 242 BP     PA
Nicholas Acker Male Teen 16-17 ?   DL   PA

Event Description:

This is a single lift event, where you can perform either the bench or the deadlift or both events. This event will be unique event held outdoor under a pavilion.  This is open to any USA Powerlifting Member. You can purchase your USAPL membership the day or the event or in advance on We offer divisions for male and female lifters, of all ages. Our events allow geared and raw divisions. You must fill out an application below and get it in the mail by the entry deadline of July 10th, to avoid late fees.

Equipment Rules:
Per USA Powerlifting rules, you must meet all the equipment guidelines of USA Powerlifting to lift. Singlets are required, long socks are required in the deadlift and sports shoes are a must. Check out the USA Powerlifting lifters handbook for a full run down on the rules.

Top 3 finishers in each weight class / division will receive medals. The best lifter awards, which is determined by formula, will received 40"+ Katana sword.

Applications (doc)  -  Applications (PDF)

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