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2018 USA Powerlifting Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship (RG-2018-04)

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Current Event Roster
Mid Atlantic Regionals
Hotel under consturction, on-line reservation not available.
Holiday Inn Scranton East (Dunmore), 200 Tigue St, Dunmore, PA 18512
Call 570-354-2842 (Jerry Mitchell) to reservation "Power"

Event Date: August 4-5, 2018


There are no qualifying totals required to compete in Regionals this year!

Open to all members of USA Powerlifting in the following states:

Delaware,Virgina, West Virgina, Maryland, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Memberships can be purchased here:


All 2018 Regionals will serve as an optional qualifier for 2018 Raw Nationals and 2019 Men’s and Women’s Open Nationals. The TOP 3 Male and Female finisher in ANY division in each region will automatically qualify for the respective National, regardless of total.

All Regional Championships will be run with National meet standards including gear requirements, National level judges available for American records, technical secretary and a referee jury on the platform. This meet is intended to provide a National level experience for local lifters and prepare lifters for a National Level platform. For further clarification, please visit http://www.usapowerlifting.com/rules-bylaws


All registered participants are subject to drug testing!

Admission for spectators and personal coaches: $10.00 at the door


Awards will be given to the top 5 places in each weight and age category. Best lifter awards will be awarded to the combined age categories Teen, Junior, Master, and Open for both raw and equipped where the division has at least 6 lifters registered.

Registration Deadline:

Midnight July 4, 2018

Championship Directors:

Steve Mann

Tel. 570.483.8097

Email: steve@purepowerlifting.com

Championship Hotel:

200 Tigue St. P.o. Box 132, Dunmore, PA 18512 United States (USA)
View Map Reservations: 1-800-881-1523

Special event Promo Code:"USA Powerlifting"

Tentative Schedule of events:

Saturday Session 1: All Female & Male 53 KG -59 KG

Weigh-ins: 7 AM - Weigh-in (All Female & Male 53 KG -59 KG)
Lifting Begins: 9 AM (All Female & Male 53 KG -59 KG)

Saturday Session 2: Male 66 KG - Male 74 KG

Weigh-ins: 12 PM (Male 66 KG - Male 74 KG)
Lifting Begins: 2 PM(Male 66 KG - Male 74 KG)

Sunday Session 1: Male 83 KG - Male 105 KG

Weigh-ins: 7 AM (Male 83 KG - Male 105 KG)
Lifting Begins: 9 AM (Male 83 KG - Male 105 KG)

Sunday Session 2: Male 120 KG - Male 120+ KG

Weigh-ins: 12 PM (Male 120 - Male 120+ KG)
Lifting Begins: 2 PM (Male 120 KG - Male 120+ KG)

2018 Bench Nationals - Official Raw and Equipped IPF World Bench Press Championship Qualifier - NS-2018-03

BP Nationals Logo

Enter Event Here

Current Event Roster

Open to all USA Powerlifting Lifters. You must have lifted in any USAPL event since Jan. 1st, 2017. Entry deadline August 15th, 2018

Promoter: Steve Mann (570) 483-8097

Hotel: Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel, Address: 700 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton, PA 18503 Phone: (570) 342-8300 - Rate $125 "Pure Powerlifting" (Complimentary shuttle to and from the airport) http://www.radisson.com/powerl

Location: Ritz Building 222 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18508

Entry Fee: $ 90 Raw or Equipped, $160 for Raw and Equipped

Youth can only lift at Nationals if they are 13 and will be turning 14 by for the upcoming IPF Bench Worlds. (ie, qualifying for Worlds is the only exception)

All Raw
Saturday, Sept. 15th, 2018

Session 1 - Weigh-In 7 AM - Lifting Begins 9 AM
All Female Raw 47-57 KG
All Male Raw 59 - 74 KG

Session 2 - Weigh-In 11 AM - Lifting Begins 1 PM
All Female Raw 63-72 KG
All Male Raw 83-93 KG

Session 3 Weigh-In 2 PM - Lifting Begins 4 PM
All Male Raw 105-120+ KG
All Female Raw 84 - 84 + KG

All Equipped
Sunday, Sept. 16th, 2018

Session 1 - Weigh-In 7 AM - Lifting Begins 9 AM
All Female Equipped 47-57 KG
All Male Equipped 59 - 74 KG

Session 2 - Weigh-In 10 AM - Lifting Begins 12 PM
All Female Equipped 63 - 72 KG
All Male Equipped 83 - 93 KG

Session 3 Weigh-In 1 PM - Lifting Begins 3 PM
All Male Equipped 105-120+ KG
All Female Equipped 84 - 84 + KG

The schedule is subject to change based on turnout. There will be a separate and independent warm-up areas for male and female.

 Enter Event Here

General Admission: $20

18 USA Powerlifting BP Nationals - NS-2018-03


Event entry coming April 1st

Qualify at any USA Powerlifting event

Deadline will be August, 15th, 2018

2018 USA Powerlifting WHG Summer Slam

July 7th, 2018 - Sanction: (PA-2018-12)

Current Roster

Open to all USA Powerlifting Lifters. No qualifying total required.

This event will include prize money for best male and female, amounts to be determined. 

Entry: First Division $100 (includes event shirt, duffle bag and shaker)

Promoter: Steve Mann (570) 483-8097 

Event Location: Warhouse Gym, 2920 St Lawrence Ave, Reading, PA 19606

Hotel: Candlewood Suites. 55 South 3rd Avenue Reading, Pennsylvania 19611 Click here to reserve room

Session 1:
All Female Weight Classes
Male Weight Class up thru 66 KG
Weigh-ins: 7 AM
Lifting Begins: 9 AM

Session 2:
All Male Weight Class 74 KG - UNL
Weigh-ins: 12 PM
Lifting Begins: 2 PM

Entry deadline is June 7th, but this event is also limited to the first 70 entries. 

General Admission: $10
Coaches / Handlers: $10 (No USA Powerlifting Membership Required)

Lifters should pre-purchase USA Powerlifting Memberships, which is good current calendar year events 

The USA Powerlifting BIG Collegiate Championships - PA-2018-07

big collegiate
Event Date: January 27th, 2018 - Deadline Dec. 27th, 2017

Open to all USA Powerlifting Collegiate Lifters. Individual Collegiate Lifters.

Awards: Top 3 Medals; Team Awards based on turnout

Event Location: Gorilla House Gym, 3200 Fairway Dr, Altoona, PA 16602

Recomended Hotel: *NEW* Fairfield Inn, 2915 Pleasant Valley Boulevard Altoona Pennsylvania 16602 USA  +1 814-946-0422 - $84 per night
Book hotel here
Promoter: Steve Mann (570) 483-8097

Saturday, January 27th, 2018
10 AM - Weigh-in - All Collegiate Lifters
12 PM - Lifting - All Collegiate Lifters

Enter Now https://form.jotform.com/73346206625152

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