Scranton, Pennsylvania
January 30-31st, 2010
I would like to invite you to this dual Annual USA Powerlifting Collegiate and High School event. On Saturday we will host the 5th Annual NE Regional High School and Collegiate Powerlifting Championships. On Sunday we will host the only dedicated RAW High School and Collegiate Powerlifting Championships in the United States.

This year we have changed our contest venue, giving us double the space we have had the last few years which was really needed, with the growth of this event. Along with this location offering double the space, over 9000 Sq. Ft., it also less then a half mile from 20+ restaurants and over 100 stores.

We have changed up the lifting schedule, to help make the operations of this event run a little more effectively. We will run the North East Regional Championships on Saturday and the RAW Championships on Sunday, to allow our team to more effectively run the event.

I hope you consider this event. We are expecting an even larger turnout this year and are prepared to run one of the biggest events in the North East this year.

Steve Mann

What is RAW in USA Powerlifting

Example of Legal Knee Sleeves
Example of Legal Belts Example of Legal Wrist Wraps


Singlet Required In ALL Lifts Example of NON LEGAL Belts Other Equipment Rules

  • Conventional Knee Wraps are NOT Allowed in USAPL RAW competition
  • Knee High Socks are required in the deadlift
  • Hiking boots not permitted, wrestling shoes, sneakers or weight lifting shoes ARE permitted
  • Boxer undergarmets not allowed to be worn
  • t-shirt must have sleeves
  • t-shirt can't have pockets and should be either a USAPL event shirt or a Team Shirt
  • t-shirt must be worn during the squat and bench for male competitors, all lifts for females
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